Visual Merchandising

Champagne Taste. Beer Budget.

A sample of the displays I've conceptualized, budgeted, shopped (scavenged!) for and executed during my time at Dr. Martens.  

Driving Sales Through Display

October's Alfred Hitchcock display, saw the combined sales of the Zita and Elevate collections jump from $4,638.25 the previous month, to $12,514.23.

My eye-catching, prominent display, led to a staggering 170% increase in sales!! After removal of the display, sales of these collections dropped significantly, to $5,086.93.

Amazing what a few film canisters and an old, incomplete bar set can do for your product, if you know how to use them.  

Ending on a Winter story. Happy Holidays!

Ending on a Winter story. Happy Holidays!