Collection: Clean Room

The first collection in my portfolio is up, and it's inspired by one of my new favorite comics

The color of horror is pink.
— Gail Simone

The color palette is taken directly from Jenny Frison's gorgeous covers


Some of you got an advanced preview after I tweeted it out yesterday. I've become obsessed with Clean Room and it's central figure, Astrid. I can thank Gail Simone's brilliant concept and story-telling, Jon-Davis Hunt's character design and artwork, and Jenny Frison's hauntingly gorgeous cover art-- in which Astrid bears a striking resemblance to real life queen of style, Cate Blanchett (c'mon, you see it too)-- for that.  

 This is what that obsession has manifested itself into. A seasonless (as that is the direction fashion is going in) workwear collection that aims to help you channel the confidence of your inner psychopathic cult leader with exceptional taste.*

*People with exceptional taste also drink Earl Grey and read Clean Room. The latest issue is out today!