RED Valentino + Snow White

Snow White never looked so sweet street. RED_Valentino_007_1366.450x675

Once Upon a Time, we witnessed the appearance of Star Wars characters on not one, but two runways and eagerly wondered if there would be a third. Why? Because the unofficial rule of fashion is that three makes it a trend. And while Paris fashion week has only just begun, in an interesting twist designers Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli may have already delivered on the real trend here. No, it's not a Star Wars collection, but much like Disney had approached the designers of Preen for collaboration, it looks like Mickey's Marketing Team had their hand in the hig-end pot once more (<---interpret that as you will). The result: The Ultimate Snow White Collection for the modern urban princess.


"We didn't want the story to stay in a childish territory, but to take the dreamy idea in a direction that's younger, more street, and a bit rock 'n' roll," - the designers via a phone interview with


The very point of RED Valentino, is that is a modern fairytale collection. It's for the girl who wants to feel like a princess without wearing a costume (though the designers get very close to it, and to me is actually a plus). Which is why this collaboration could not have been more perfect. It has all the charm and whimsy that you expect from the collection, yet stops itself from getting too cutesy with the addition of edgy, modern elements, like a leather biker jacket and clear trench. A carry-over trend first spotted at the Valentino and Burberry Spring '13 shows. We even see the theme carried throughout the collection via the return of roy lichtenstein-like popart prints and intarsia knits, a la 3.1 Philip Lim's pre-fall 2012 . Primary colors are your friends, people!


Bonus: having once been Maison Valentino's in house accessories designers, before being made creative directors, the duo's accessories are just as to-die for. Which may or may not be a poor choice of words when eying an ominous-looking poison apple....

RED_Valentino_016_1366.450x675RED_Valentino_003_1366.450x675 RED_Valentino_008_1366.450x675 RED_Valentino_010_1366.450x675 RED_Valentino_001_1366.450x675

RED Valentino's Snow White collection is a fresh, fun and welcome retelling in exceptional fabrics and bewitching details. Also, I'm a girl. I like bows on things. Now speaking of details, do mine eyes deceive me or is there a hidden Mickey in those hearts...?


(Special thanks to my rockstar Wonder Woman friend on The Wall @DarthRachel for the heads up! )

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