TREND ALERT: From Lunchbox to "Tin Tote"


“In France no one knew what a lunch box was because no one took their lunch to work. Mine was from Walt Disney and I wore it everywhere because I was obsessed with Mickey and Minnie Mouse. There was a shop on Rue de Canettes in the 6th called Western House that imported everything from America, and I found my Disney pieces there.”




All this talk about the Carine Roitfeld (former editor of Vogue Paris from 2001-2011) editorial in V magazine’s fall 2013 issue, in which she styles model Dalianah after her 16 year old self, left everyone with pretty much the same conclusion: “Now I need a lunchbox.”

Low and behold, shortly after the editorial was published, I took a trip over to Atlantic City and found myself in whimsical candy and novelty shop on the boardwalk called “IT’SUGAR” . Not 10 seconds into browsing this cute shop by the sea did I spot the first of them.



It was love at first sight for me, and though I didn’t succumb to the impulse just then, they’ve recently opened a Coney Island location, so my bank card will be seeing more action very soon. Wonder Woman tin, I’m coming for you. Fortunately at only $18, you’re not exactly breaking the bank. Which is great, considering I may need more than one. SO many options!!!



This Hello Kitty tin is adorable and to the point: image

Check out the site for yourself, or better yet, find your local store to really get the full experience. GET UP AND GO to find more great “tin totes” to add to the bag collection, then ponder what to put in each.  Note: Not my fault if you end up buying all things in-store. It’s awesome and you’ve been warned.

Additionally, browse the eclectic collection of vintage lunch boxes over on Etsy.

CONSIDER: This might be a cute carry all for Comic Con Day 1. Before you get that MASSIVE WeLoveFine bag, that is. Which oddly enough you can then take back to IT’SUGAR and fill with their equally larger than life candy.

Put a Blazer on It!

Gentlemen! Dressing up has never been easier, faster, more affordable, or more comfortable. That’s right, there is NO excuse for showing up anywhere underdressed. Lose, the sweatshirt, destroy the CROCS (PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF COOKIES, DESTROY. THE. CROCS!), and pick up this easy to follow guide.

Have a favorite sci-fi tee? Let’s frame that beauty with a structured sport coat, and let your geek pride shine!



Be sure to listen to the accompanying podcast (my first guest spot!) for more in depth style tips.

SKIP RIGHT TO 26:25 (unless you want to hear about boring personal stuff)

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Chanel + Dark Crystal

A few short weeks ago, we were partaking in a series of fundraising events to send Scarlet Sinclair—an amazing tattoo artist, and, dare-I-say, legend in the burlesque community—off to France, to study under renowned faerie artist (speaking of legends), Brian Froud. One of the events, was a screening of Froud’s faery film collaborations with Jim Henson. The cult classics: Labyrinth and the Dark Crystal. (I now know exactly what you’re thinking, because you’re thinking of Bowie. You’re welcome.) Meanwhile, back in France, just a few days before the screening, Karl Lagerfeld debuted Chanel’s A/W 2013 collection during Paris Fashion Week, and holy crap, my mouth fell open at the sight of this fashion nerdgasmic coincidence: A Dark Crystal inspired collection?!

Not since Prada’s fairy collection (you heard right. Don’t worry, there will be a post),[UPDATE: It's HERE!] do I recall another high-end designer going that particular direction. But while Prada mixed several references together: 60s, 70s, Art Nouveau… Karl’s interpretation was just chic, new and elegant. Updated silhouettes, and details that were fresh, by way of being beautifully, mercifully literal: the models were dripping in crystal, right down to their crystal encrusted eyebrows (we can thank Peter Philips, creative director of Chanel makeup, for that).

After you’ve wiped the drool from your face after staring at the above comparisons, why not learn a little something more…. Here’s the skinny on Scarlet (follow her!) Froud, etc. We’re sorry Karl couldn’t join the crew at the Way Station, but I’d like to think he’s just as excited about Scarlet’s trip as we are. ;-) ….. Hey, (humor me) did he stick a Labyrinth reference in the show?! Awww, Hudson Kroenig, “you remind me of the babe!”


Take a look at this series of Game of Thrones inspired tees, via Redbubble!

The first few are obvious fandom, the next group, much more, “is my geek showing?” subtle, and the last set combines fandoms for tees that are quite possibly too geeky for their own good!

(BTW: What makes redbubble so awesome, is that it’s a hugely supportive community for the creative. Check out all the GoT shirts you’ve just seen and more on their site:

Whichever you choose, pair it simply with a loose pant, or flowing skirt and your favorite wedge.

Check out the guide below for inspiration.

Geek up your Chic: Game of Thrones
by StephanieIrigoyen
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