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Forward to Fall

Fall is just around the corner, you guys. We've yet to hit a 100 degree day in NYC, but while we're out and about getting a golden glow, the fall collections are starting to arrive in stores.  Here's the first of a few favorites in this mini series to get you excited for the approaching season. 

Not since Paradise Kisshave I witnessed a fusion of luxury fashion and manga that sent my heart soaring, and indulged my every fashion obsessed geek girl's dream. The only other book to ever do that was Sina Grace's Not My Bag. Which was in fact largely a comic book ode  to Alexander McQueen (so obviously a favorite of mine) and, note to self: It's high time I review that for you here!  In the meantime...

I want to kiss Sarah Burton on the lips for this inspired collection. For whatever reason (I'm dying to know what). Burton had the genius idea to tap manga artist Yoshiyasu Tamura (Fudegami) to illustrate custom McQueen manga pages. A print that depicts last season's "Angry Bunny" as a samurai, and features prominently throughout the collection. Indeed, it dominates jackets, sweaters, heart.... It's young (denim, leather, oversized sweaters...oh yeah, and manga!) It's playful, while still carrying the luxe tailored pieces you expect from the label. It reads like a loveletter to Tokyo from London, and... it is the stuff of my fantasies.

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There's a tee that's already sold out at Bergdorf's but is still available for pre-order at Neiman Marcus. I'll be stalking the Bergdorf Goodman halls for an opportunity to try on a piece. Will I bring one home with me? If it rains money from the sky, sure. But anything for a taste of luxury and to go from reading of manga fashion, to wearing it.

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If My Blog Was an Outfit

At long last I have jumped aboard this chic geek girl blogger bandwagon, joining my friends: The Nerdy Girlie, Girl Gone Geek, and Leslie IRL; the originators of this link up party: A Dose of Paige, and Hairspray and High Heels;  and several other awesome geek girl blogs (scroll down The Nerdy Girlie's post for a list!) If this is your first time reading my blog, welcome! You're about to get me and point in a nutshell. Here's hoping you'll be enticed to read on..


The Outfit:


If My Blog Was an Outfit
Intrigued? Excellent!

I'm proud of myself for having really found my niche as a blogger. This outfit series of posts is proof enough that there are tons of awesome geek girls out there blogging, but what makes Fashion + Geekery so unique, is the focus on high-end fashion and luxury goods. Brand names and fandoms are friends here, and they make beautiful music outfits together. Let's examine some key pieces....

The Breakdown:

Preen Sith Shirt With Darth Vader

When this shirt walked the runway at Preen, my mouth fell open. I gasped. I thanked Disney for pushing their newly acquired license on people. I was madly in lust ever since. This is perfect embodiment of my blog and personal style. It expresses a fandom in a chic, beautiful, tailored piece. It's geeky, and elegant at the same time. At $830, it may be too rich for all our wallets, but dreaming about it is free. And oh, how I dream.

Saint Laurent Y-Ligne Classic Cabas Carryall Bag

One of my nicknames at work, and often on my morning coffee cups as scribbled by my friendly barista with a sense of humor  is "YSL." I mean, my name is YISSEL helloooooo.... how could I NOT want a gorgeous designer bag with my initial on it?!

When I first started this blog, the tagline I used to describe it was: "For the girl who's set her sights on a TARDIS blue PRADA bag. Well, who am I to say no to a TARDIS blue Monogrammed beauty like this? It was made for me, and if I had my way (and an obscene bank account), I'd have a Y-Ligne in every color. I do try to showcase variety in my posts after all.

Anya Hindmarch Courtney Star Cruiser printed satin clutch

I'm a bag lady, okay? I'm almost always carrying at least two. A beautiful accompaniment to the Saint Laurent Carryall, this printed clutch is yet another shining example of what happens when high fashion and geekery unite. I'm here to let you know that this is out there.

Helmut Lang Leather-trimmed crepe shorts

This simple piece represents something very special. It's a nod to my very first blog post (back when I stupidly started this blog on tumblr), Helmut Lang's Game of Thrones collection.  Every time I think about it, I'm immensely proud of myself. Despite the poor platform, as a writer with a strong POV, I feel like I started off really strong with that post.

Charlotte Olympia Carmen canvas wedge espadrilles

Charlotte is the biggest geek , and I look forward to highlighting some of my favorite geeky works of hers right on this blog. I mean, her logo is a web and her twitter is @Charlottes_web so that should give you some idea. I chose this shoe because I don't want an outfit too heavy with black. Much like I don't want to saturate my blog with too much of one kind of post, and I want to include some light posts in the mix. Personally, I love heels, but they need to be comfortable. I'm not about to walk around a con in stilettos. Think: height, color, comfort.

TOPSHOP  Stone Flower Stud Earrings by Orelia

IN lieu of costumes, we have costume jewelery. See what I did there?

I'll never forget the day I visited my aunt's home--may she rest in peace-- only to have her and my mother stare at my naked ears upon my arrival and recite in unison (and en Espanol): "sweetheart, a girl without earrings is like a vase without flowers." They never saw me without earrings again. Note that I prefer not to spend a lot of money on jewelery, earrings especially, because little things like to get lost.

I love this outfit (c'mon it's freaking killer) and what it represents and would love to see yours. What would your blog look like as an outfit? Link in the comments below!

TREND ALERT: From Lunchbox to "Tin Tote"


“In France no one knew what a lunch box was because no one took their lunch to work. Mine was from Walt Disney and I wore it everywhere because I was obsessed with Mickey and Minnie Mouse. There was a shop on Rue de Canettes in the 6th called Western House that imported everything from America, and I found my Disney pieces there.”




All this talk about the Carine Roitfeld (former editor of Vogue Paris from 2001-2011) editorial in V magazine’s fall 2013 issue, in which she styles model Dalianah after her 16 year old self, left everyone with pretty much the same conclusion: “Now I need a lunchbox.”

Low and behold, shortly after the editorial was published, I took a trip over to Atlantic City and found myself in whimsical candy and novelty shop on the boardwalk called “IT’SUGAR” . Not 10 seconds into browsing this cute shop by the sea did I spot the first of them.



It was love at first sight for me, and though I didn’t succumb to the impulse just then, they’ve recently opened a Coney Island location, so my bank card will be seeing more action very soon. Wonder Woman tin, I’m coming for you. Fortunately at only $18, you’re not exactly breaking the bank. Which is great, considering I may need more than one. SO many options!!!



This Hello Kitty tin is adorable and to the point: image

Check out the site for yourself, or better yet, find your local store to really get the full experience. GET UP AND GO to find more great “tin totes” to add to the bag collection, then ponder what to put in each.  Note: Not my fault if you end up buying all things in-store. It’s awesome and you’ve been warned.

Additionally, browse the eclectic collection of vintage lunch boxes over on Etsy.

CONSIDER: This might be a cute carry all for Comic Con Day 1. Before you get that MASSIVE WeLoveFine bag, that is. Which oddly enough you can then take back to IT’SUGAR and fill with their equally larger than life candy.



(You werk that anime hair, gurl!)