Designer Glass Slippers for Every Cinderella

Why have one pair of glass slippers (they are so fragile, after all) when you can have 9?

"Cinderella is not only an iconic character when it comes to beauty, grace and fairytale love, but also shoes,"

- Christian Louboutin.


In 1998, Ferragamo created some magical must-have mules for Drew Barrymore in Ever After.  On a school trip to Florence, I got to see them up close at the Ferragamo museum. They were never mass produced.


In 2012, Christian Louboutin reimagined Cinderella's iconic heels to coincide with the release of the Diamond Edition of the film. They were every bit the blend of fairytale and fashion, baring crystal butterflies and his signature red soles.  20 pairs were produced and given away. Yes. Given. Away.


Now, in a most stunning and unprecedented collaboration, 9 fairy godmothers renowned footwear designers give us their interpretations of Cinderella's precious pumps. image

Diamonds, rhinestones, crystals, glitter... and a whole lot of pvc and imagination, are artfully assembled by names like Jimmy Choo, Nicholas Kirkwood, and Charlotte Olympia to bring us a pair for every taste.

The shoes will be available in March at famous luxury department stores like Harrods in London and Saks Fifth Avenue here in NYC, where the store will 'prominently feature the complete designer footwear collection as well as select props from the film, including costumes and spellbinding pumpkins' says Mark Briggs, Chief Marketing and Creative Officer at Saks in an interview with The Daily Mail UK.

Expect Saks to "bring back the magic in retail," in the first week of March. Then, we'll get to (spend all the money we don't have and) take a piece of the fairytale home with us.




Dreams do come true. We will go to the ball. And we'll dance till midnight and on.

(I'll be dreaming of these booties. Which are your faves?) image

Stella McCartney's Maleficent Childrenswear Line


Why should the grown ups get all the high fashion fun?

Stella McCartney is no stranger to childrenswear, as she already has a successful kids line of her own. This time around however, she's putting a whimsical Disney twist on the line and teaming up with Angelina Jolie to do it.

It all started when the Maleficent star invited her famous designer friend onto the set of the Sleeping Beauty remake, where Jolie stars alongside Elle Fanning and her own daughter (who I'm sure must have a closet full of Stella kids clothes) Cue inspiration.

McCartney tells WWD:

"I've always been a huge fan of Disney growing up, as was my mother, and I grew up watching all the films like most kids did. When the opportunity presented itself and I was invited by Angelina Jolie to visit the film set, I jumped at the chance."

Now, the Disney twist may be new for her children's line, but for McCartney herself, Disney collaborations are nothing new.





The London based designer and daughter of legendary Beatle, Paul, has featured characters from Bambi in her Fall '09 campaign and later partnered with Disney again for a Jewelry line inspired by Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland.




Now, this capsule collection of 8 looks for boys and girls 4-14 boasts princess-like dresses, graphic tees, and what looks like dragon-winged sneakers that'll give Jeremy Scott's Adidas collab a run for its money.


The looks will be available at Stella McCartney stores as well as a select Disney stores at the end of April through May. Giving shoppers a full month to get their hands on the pieces--ranging in price from $75 - $185-- before the film's release date.

Will I be able to squeeze into a pair of owdesigner dragon-winged kicks by then? We shall see!


A few weeks ago, May 22nd, to be precise, we celebrated the birthday of renowned author, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Many of us may have been caught unawares if not for the twitter trending topic, as for some reason, Google failed to publish a themed masthead to mark the occasion, (what up, Google? You did it in ‘06). You know, because we depend on Google for absolutely everything.

To mark the occasion, I got as far as drafting this post, before partaking in a marathon viewing party of the latest films inspired by Doyle’s most notable character— and one of pop culture’s most iconic— super sleuth Sherlock Holmes. I have a confession to make, I hadn’t actually seen the Robert Downey Jr. films until then! And as they were more or less the direct inspiration for John Galliano’s Fall/Winter ‘10 menswear show, I couldn’t very well publish this mini showcase without first understanding the reference myself.

The Galliano show was broken down into three stories, or what one LA Times reviewer more fittingly named, scenes. I give you examples of the first two (the last one’s kind of a hot mess) above. The first is representative of the iconic Sherlock Holmes look, pipe, deerstalker cap and all (a design choice made by the original illustrator, Sidney Paget). Then, from Baker Street to Savile Row, it segways into the modern, well-dressed English gent. For those opposed to deerstalkers, PVC, and exaggerated dropped crotches, the more sharply tailored pieces are more for you. Lapels, ties… you may even be tempted to rock the cape!

Speaking of not understanding the reference, sure, this last guy can pull off the man corset well enough, but what’s it doing here? According to Galliano it’s meant to evoke the idea of keeping the other parts of one’s psyche suppressed. I get it, I do. After a… err…healthy debate with a close non-fashion friend, however, it seems more like an excuse for the designer to throw in some, “signature Galliano,” and less an accurate representation of anything, as Mr. OCD, junkie, “high-functioning sociopath,” Holmes…. doesn’t really suppress anything.

And if you’re excited about this post, you shouldn’t either.