LEDetailing at CuteCircuit


Quick, how many ways can you think of to embellish garments? Rhinestones, beading, sequins, lace appliqués, tweets, embroidery... Wait a sec... tweets?! We'll get to that shortly. And what about lights?




Well, one look at CuteCircuit and you realize that's pretty much their design philosophy. The design duo of Francesca Rosella and Ryan Genz craft beautiful, quirky pieces that act as canvases for the light shows and various other illuminated details they project. The best thing about CuteCircuit's pieces is that they are far more than just a gimmick, and don't rely solely on the tech to sell their clothes. At their NYFW debut on Thursday, they showcased some equally gorgeous un-illuminated pieces.



And how do they work, exactly?

"The products we design use Patent Pending CuteCircuit technologies. CuteCircuit uses technologically advanced, ethical and clean manufacturing processes."


Sounds like these RTW magicians aren't revealing their secrets any time soon. The technology used reminds me of something I got to witness firsthand in the early stages of development at the _______ company in Milan. LEDs illuminating fibers and powered by tiny hidden battery packs. We marveled at the possibility of it's applications.

Fast forward to CuteCircuit's runway....

And what of those tweets I mentioned?

Have a look at their show stopping twitter dress in action below. An already expertly cut and fitted piece, with a bodice displaying what looks like my screensaver, until people use #tweetthedress to have their messages appear right on the gown. (My feeling is only a select few people are told about this ahead of time, to keep the messages pleasant and PG).

[vimeo 59919950 w=500 h=281]

A brilliant (pun intended) debut this side of the pond by the label. I'm all for innovation and the fashionizing of wearable tech. Honestly, in this day and age, does an iPhone controlled mini skirt, really sound that farfetched?



Photo by Christopher Minafo