Golden Ideas! Last Minute Additions to Your Doctor Who Outfit

12 TARDIS Blue Dresses

Part 2 in my series of posts inspired by the Doctor Who 50th anniversary. (See part 1 here) Know what you're wearing to the big screening? Whether you're attending a live simulcast on the 23rd, or one of the many 3D screenings of Day of the Doctor on the 25th, we're gonna have you going in style!

Here are 12 ways to do just that.


Imagine my shock and amazement when browsing the new Kate Spade Saturday holiday collection (which is bright, bold, youthful, and full of highly covetable pieces) and my eyes landed on this dress! It is a perfect representation of the TARDIS while being chic, elegant and understated.  $160 may sound high, but it's a darling, easy to wear staple for any wardrobe. A worthwhile investment.

Lucky for me, Kate Spade is opening a Saturday store right next door to mine! I think I'll welcome my new neighbors by shopping. Plan? Plan.

Not your cup of tea? Worry not. Here's 11 more options for you to shop.

Michael Kors $1,895 ( Fun fact: I used to design there!

23 TARDIS Blue Bags

In honor of the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, here's the first in a mini series of posts to help you ready your wardrobe for the 23rd One of the hottest trends this season is one that is very near and dear to my heart. It's not only geeky, but it's been a dream of mine since this blog's inception. It was even my original tagline. Before Fashion + Geekery was "for the fashion forward fan girl"-- which it always has been-- I launched this blog, "for the girl who's set her sights on a TARDIS blue PRADA bag." It's an idea that symbolizes my ideal union between luxury and geek culture, and one that still embodies my personal brand.

Now, this idea has become a fully fledged must-have: the TARDIS blue bag.

(Note: thought the BBC may have their approved TARDIS pantone color, we know it's gone through a few paint jobs over the years. )

Here are 23 pieces to set your sights on. (and sneak snacks into the theater with)

What's your favorite?