My Design in Publication: Clean Room #13

Clean Room #13 is out today, and it's proven to have saved me from complete and utter misery. The pride of having my work published is helping me get through today. Indeed, despite being a horror comic, reality has proven to be far worse. 

Created and written by the legend that is Gail Simone, and expertly drawn by Walter Geovani and colorist Quinton Winter, this issue features a brand new look for our main character, the world's most fashionable charismatic cult-leader, Astrid, designed by me! If you recall my Clean Room inspired Collection, you'll remember this cape coat: 

She looks so perfect I could cry...again.

She looks so perfect I could cry...again.

A refresher...


Much of "geek fashion" today involves very little actual design. While it's true that it's come a long way, and we're seeing an increase in efforts, the average piece is this: the image of a character plastered on to something, or an ill-conceived and costumey reproduction of the character's outfit.* 

I always make an effort to go as far as I can with my ideas. To not only design a collection inspired by a character, but to actually design FOR the character, or a similar customer base. In this case: career women who want to be able to transition from day to evening. I'm proud to be able to say that it finally paid off; and I can't wait to show you all what comes next. 

Today's a great day for retail therapy. Go get you some Clean Room.


*Mind you I'm talking about the majority of apparel priced under $100. Ever so often there are some truly inspired collections by luxury designers. Several of them featured on this very blog.