Valentino X Goop: Wonder Woman

"The Modern Woman is a Wonder Woman."-Gwyneth Paltrow

My eyes widened as I approached the shop--catching site of the name Goop Mrkt first. My pace quickened, then slowed almost as quickly, my eagerness threatening to burn through the thin veil of hubris I intended to hide the truth of my bank account behind. Then, I veered right through glass doors that had only just opened 38 minutes prior. With the seeming ease of Wondy hopping into an invisible jet.

And there it was, in all its handcrafted, star-studded glory.... The alter to our superhero goddess, icon, muse. How does one pay adequate tribute to the legend known as Wonder Woman? Answer: with unparalleled quality and craftsmanship.... and a cool mural.

Note: There is real comfort in street art and recognizable figures. Dripping paint and the trusted face of Wonder Woman turn nearby tablescapes and grand chandeliers from pretentious and fussy, to cool and inviting. The juxtaposition of these elements helping to make you feel that you are both entering a very special place, and that you belong there.


Appropriately enough, a piece of Amazonian princess inspired garb, will cost you a king's ransom. But you get what you pay for, and what you get is luxury.

Hand beading (would you look at that eagle!), hand embroidery--in gilded thread, no less-- with even the waistband on the skirt emblazoned with the theme. Custom, star shaped snaps. Sequins and silk. A cropped sweatshirt priced at $990 is easily questioned, but run a hand over it, and you feel the raised edges of the burnout on the softest jersey. What feels like layered brush strokes, as if it had been hand-painted.


These 25 pieces are actually part of a much larger collection that Valentino will be releasing in April. So, thanks to the brilliant minds of Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli, the design team behind Valentino, we have even more DC Comics licensed luxury to look forward too. Some Greek inspired. All "Hecho en Italia".

Ranging in price from $275-$10,500, they are certainly investments. ($990 tiara, anyone?) I am almost certain, handling one expertly embellished piece after another, that one or more will eventually make their way to a museum, wherein the world will admire them from a distance, not unlike the Met's Superhero exhibit of nearly a decade ago. If you can spare the cash--or you're friends with Bruce Wayne and he's inquired about Christmas gifts--- You know you'll be taking home a piece that, like the principles of beauty, truth and love, and the strong, sexy, empowering, feminist icon that is Wonder Woman herself, will endure.

The Goop Mrkt holiday pop-up will be open through December 24th at the Shops at Columbus Circle, with the WW capsule collection available online and in the shop till then.