Game of Thrones Season 4 talk with WSJ and a Surprise Celebrity Guest

We got the surprise of our lives when we were invited to the Wall Street Journal to discuss our love of Game of Thrones and ended up participating in a candid camera experiment of blessedly geek proportions.

Game of Style

GoT WSJ Yissel Game of Thrones

Looking around the waiting room of the Dow Jones in the Newscorp building--where they had us all gather--I couldn't help but notice just how..... well dressed we all were.GoT WSJ Yissel

Button downs and blazers abounded and you'd think we were all there for interviews. Maybe location subconsciously played a part? Maybe we all thought we'd be joining my friend Rachel on the red carpet later that evening? Maybe, GoT fans are just the best dressed fans. But then, I've never been to a Downton Abbey panel.... This (maybe not so) random sampling of fans (the woman next to me was the sister of a WSJ employee) had only 1 person in a t-shirt.Β  As a Winter is Coming contributor, John, the lovely gent on my left was a 10-out of 10 on the geek scale. Even then the shirt itself wasn't an obvious GoT shirt either. Hey, the gent directly behind him sporting the shawl collar cardi even made a GoT APP! And sadly, no one showed up in full armor.


The star of my outfit was my favorite Ostwald Helgason Seamonster Print Sweatshirt. It's a subtle nod to the Greyjoys, and a perfect blend of fashion + geekery. John Jurgensen himself commented on it, and every time I wear it, I'm grateful I put myself on the waiting list for it at Opening Ceremony. I needed nothing more competing with it so the rest of my outfit was simple: A white collared shirt from Uniqlo, red jeggings* from Target, white fitted H&M blazer, and zip-front heeled Dr. Martens booties. (The Jolene. Not available yet. Company perk!) Watching myself on the tape--my Dominican Gemini talks-with-her-hands-self-- I was eternally grateful for Sally Hansen INSTA-DRI in "Wined Up." (matches my hair.) I'd totally just done my nails on the way there that morning!


*I know, jeggings! Never will you meet someone to rock a more polarizing garment with more confidence than myself. It's not what you wear, but how you wear it, and I'm a professional.


I picked the BEST seat in the house. We'd had some small talk before filming in which I proudly bragged about my awesome geek girl besties, Rachel and Jamila. Then filming started as we'd all discussed. John Jurgensen and Marshall Crook of WSJ Speakeasy (who was totally rocking classic Made in England DMs) were interviewing us about our relationships with the books and the series. I was actually a little surprised at how quite most people were, considering we'd been invited to TALK.Β  Ah well, chalk it up to nerves. I got to shamelessly plug talk about this very blog and my first ever post on Helmut Lang's GoT collection. To this day it remains one of my most favorite posts. It really set the precedent for future pieces.

I could've gone on, and I did! Even after... the epic game-changer.......

The Three-Eyed Con

Capture4 Capture5

Don't call it winter. None of us had seen this coming. The ol' switcheroo! Marshall leaves the room only to be replaced by none other than John Bradley. a.k.a Samwell Tarley! The tables had turned and suddenly we were the ones doing the interviewing. Despite being completely thrown for a loop here, past experience has taught me that dead air does not make for a good show. Remember that.Β  At the very least, I thought to myself, I could buy the others time to come up with things to say. Besides, when would I ever get this amazing opportunity again?! I took a deep breath and suddenly all the right questions came to me:


"What's your favorite thing about playing Sam?"

"Is there anything in the books you wish they hadn't cut out of the series?"

"Could you play evil?"

"Who were you most sad to see go?"

(And what I didn't ask but we were all thinking: "Why isn't there a handler stopping the filming to wipe the sweat off his brow? Stupid hot lights!)

.... for all of his answers to these questions and more, check out the video.


According to one of the staff present, John Bradley said that was one of the best interviews he's ever done. We asked really smart and interesting questions.Β  ::pats self on back::

I immediately knew I had to run down to meet Rachel for lunch and share this information before her big GoT red carpet debut.

That was an amazing experience and I hope I get more opportunities like that in the future. Thank you so much to John and Marshall and everyone at Wall Steet Journal for making this possible for us. And Samwell Tarly himself for stopping by. Now if only he'd stayed for pictures!

Game of Thrones premieres April 6th at 9pm on HBO . The first episode: "Two Swords"