Menswear Monday: Medieval Magic at Dolce & Gabbana

DOL_0107.450x675 What is a well dressed, well-to-do Game of Thrones Fanboy to wear out and about, but  pieces from Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana's fall/winter 2014 collection?


We're channeling Robb and Jon here.

A blend of modern and medieval luxury, modeled by a collection of refined, rugged, and crowned nobility. The show featured chainmail hoods reimagined as knitted wool balaclavas, breathtaking jewel encrusted gloves and chunky knit mits as modern gauntlets. Rich, silver filigree embroidered court shoes and antique gold studded lace-ups. Oversized sheepskin, beaded fur and stitched leather armor-like sweaters printed with heraldic keys, saints and churches, and portraits of the rulers of the seven kingdoms 8 Norman Kings of Sicily. And what was for me the ultimate show-stopper: A suit of amour. As in, an actual gorgeous green velvet suit with armor printed onto it! Then they did it again on a luxurious, silk front shearling overcoat.


DOL_0506.450x675 DOL_0659.450x675

I wouldn't put it past GoT cast members to start sporting these looks. Would you? (oh, and there may be a surprise at the end of this post)

_ARC0195.450x675 _ARC0227.450x675

The gloves... the F***ing GLOVES!!!!

Okay, so the collection may not be directly influenced by the series a-la Helmut Lang (According to god Tim Blanks, the designers don't actually watch Game of Thronesbut I highly suspect everyone else on the staff does.) but it is a brilliant and romantic retelling of the Norman conquest of Sicily--Dolce's birthplace, with lots of highly covetable pieces for history buffs and the Westeros bound alike.

_ARC0465.450x675 _ARC0300.450x675

His lordship's shoe porn

DOL_0413.450x675 DOL_0342.450x675

Taking the almost black in style.

_ARC0016.450x675 _ARC0277.450x675


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Great show or AWESOME show? Let me know what you think after you've recovered from the following image..... you're welcome.


Oh look, it's Kit Harington (Jon Snow) in the February '14 issue of Esquire UK in... DOLCE & GABBANA